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The Almost Home Store is back. Back by popular demand we’ve had a lot of inquiries regarding the store and were bringing it back. For those of you who have not been to the Almost Home Store before, we carry everything from cute knick knacks, to 19th century cast iron beds, we have it all and its constantly changing, looking for model cars like a Danbury mint ’57 Chevy. We got it! How about furniture like a beautiful custom made George Smith love seat--this sofa was originally $12,000--here at the Almost Home Store its only $1800. Our store is a place for great deals and great items.

This is the perfect time of year to find great discounts on moving services and supplies. Winter is always the toughest months for moving companies. So use that to your advantage. Determine what you’re looking for in a mover and when they come to give an estimate ask them questions. This is usually the only one on one you will have with that company before the move so ask questions like are they licensed and insured, what’s their d.o.t. number. Chances are if you get a price that seems too good to be true it usually is. We’re here to help you so even if we can’t do your move we will be more than happy to answer your questions, We understand how hard it is to move so let us help you make it a little more stress free call us at Almost Home today at 631-286-3830.

We are now accepting more units for our storage facility. We were full to the brim with our storage but due to multiple relocations of clients we are now accepting more clients to our specialized storage units. We are a containerized storage company. We come and take inventory, wrap, pick up items for transport, and pack the storage units. If you need a specific item all you have to do is request the specific item by number on the inventory sheet and we will get it for you. Call us today at 631-286-3830 for prices and info.

Almost Home also offers muscle for hire. What this unique service offers basically guys to help you around the house. Maybe you want to rearrange your living room but your boys don’t want to help you do it, no problem well send two guys to do it for you. Looking to have that garage cleaned, no problem well help you sort items, pack, bring to the curb, whatever has to be done, even if its assembling that new entertainment center. How about all those heavy seasonal decorations in the attic you need brought down; we even have a company to come and install all your lights and decorations. Please read below for details on installation of decorations.